Sunday, December 03, 2006


The boys have been bugging me to make a gigantic chocolate chip cookie.

I wanted to buy one last year for my husband's birthday instead of making a traditional birthday cake, but they were ridiculously expensive. He was worth it, but I figured I could do it better for less. So I Googled...and came up with a recipe. I bought a round pizza pan (we are a square pizza family) and off I went. Now, we have the technology to have them all the time. They are stupidly easy...especially with the love of my life my Kitchen Aid mixer.

Notice the half-ass decorating? My pastry bag had sprung a leak and was doing this annoying frosting farting thing and I just wanted to be done. I normally do a much more professional job, I assure you. I took Wilton Cake Decorating Class I and II. I normally don't suck...I swear.

Ahhh, could it be?

Ta-freakin'-Da! And only three months late. They really are the same size in person. I don't know why the one on the right looks narrower here in this photo.

...these socks...


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