Friday, June 09, 2006


It has indeed, been raining here. Literally, and figuratively.


This is our friend Steve walking up to his wedding last Saturday. It was at a state park and was lovely, even though, well...look at it!

We all kept telling Amy that rain on your wedding day is good luck. Although she appreciated the gesture...I am sure she would have chosen a little less luck and a little more sunshine. But, in the end, a wonderful time was had by all and I now have an official un-official sister-in-law. Steve is my husband's closest and dearest friend and we are really more like family than anything else. Don't you just love the family that you get to choose, not just be born into?


My middle son is very sick. The doctor can't figure out what is wrong. He started complaining of a sore neck the day of the wedding. I just assumed he had slept on it funny and went to rub the knot out. Except, the knot was actually a huge swollen lymph node. Then he started running a high fever (104 degrees) and vomiting. Then the skin over the node became red and hot to the touch. Then another node swelled up. He has had a fever for six days now. Not really eating much. We've been to the doctor three times in four days. Yesterday they did a complete blood work-up. Today we find out if they found out anything. They tested him for among other things, mono. He's only 9--so it would be unusual if he did have mono, but one of his classmates did earlier in the school year so it is possible.

On the knitting front?

I'm about halfway done on the Sheep Dreams blanket. It is going okay, I just noticed another glaring mistake as I laid it out for its photograph. And, well, I just don't have the emotional or psychological strength to rip it back all 20 rows to fix it. At least I don't think so. I think I can block it out in such a way so as to make it less noticeable.

Yesterday was my oldest son's 13th birthday...I can't believe he is a teenager already. It's amazing and sad how fast they grow.

Edited to add--we just got back from the doctor. No mono, which is good. But they don't know what is going on. Some sort of generic infection. His fever is better today, that is the only thing that kept him from being put in the hospital. We have to keep an eye on him for a few days...we aren't out of the woods yet.


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